Your unused cross-country skis, dried-up cans of paint, and overflowing boxes of Christmas ornaments have to find a new home. Why? Storage sheds aren’t for storage anymore. So says Louisville-based Studio Shed, maker of ultra-modern prefabricated sheds like this one we found just north of Boulder (perched poolside behind a home with breathtaking foothills views). Take one look at this Zen retreat and you’ll see why: Filling up a Studio Shed with your junk would just be plain wrong—they’re meant to be lived in.

“It’s a real emerging trend in home design—these small, deliberate living spaces,” says Studio Shed co-founder Jeremy Nova. “[They] can become home offices, art studios, workshops, or just an escape when the daily chaos spills over.”

As if that weren’t inspiring enough, you can also custom-design your shed: Studio Shed offers an online 3-D tool that lets you choose the size and color and configure the layout, as well as order an electrical package if your space needs to be wired. “A structure like this is often the catalyst for transforming the backyard more completely,” Nova says. Bring on the makeover; Mama needs to meditate!