I’ve been traveling much of the past 10 days. I’ve been to Aspen, Omaha, Telluride and New York. Omaha and Telluride were law-related, Aspen was to see Don Henley over Labor Day weekend, but the best of all was my one day trip to New York today to meet with former President Bill Clinton.

I never expected that in my lifetime I would have the chance to meet a President, let alone one I wish still was President. In my wildest imagination, I would not have envisioned a two hour sit-down roundtable with a former President of the United States and ten of my colleagues.

But that’s what happened today. My colleagues were not lawyers, but fellow progressive bloggers. Who knew that President Clinton reads blogs? Or that he cares enough about the impact of bloggers to do an outreach to us, bring us to New York from cities as diverse as Seattle, Brattelboro, VT and Denver, to name a few?

We had a great lunch in Mr. Clinton’s Harlem office which has the most spectacular views of Manhattan. It was a southern meal, from the chicken to the sweet potato fries (baked of course) to the corn bread and cherry cake, with the fancy kind of lettuce salad, steamed spinach and corn and the best iced tea I’ve ever had. I was one seat away from him.

We talked about the Iraq War, the alleged terrorists in overseas secret prisons, health care (he said John Kerry’s plan was the best of all, including his own) and he had nothing but praise for bloggers. While many of the mainstream politicians view us as the outlaw element of political society, up to no good, President Clinton has a different view. He complimented us on our fact-checking and our ability to get the word out on a moment’s notice, such as the last week’s blogswarm over ABC’s movie, “The Path to 9/11”, which was written by a GOP guy and contained major inaccuracies as to what was done and not done during Clinton’s terms.

It was a heady experience, and one I will remember for a long time.