I wrote yesterday that Gary Lindstrom had no chance of being the Democratic nominee for governor, and now he really has no chance — today he announced that he was dropping out of the race altogether for personal reasons. He also announced that he would not run for re-election to his state house seat, which is the first time I can remember in a while that a candidate was able to pull out of two races at the same time. You’ve got to give him credit for that.

Lindstrom had no chance at winning the governor’s race or even becoming the Democratic nominee, but his decision not to run for re-election to his state house seat is a big deal. Lindstrom would have been running as an incumbent for a seat that is a definite toss-up, and former state Sen. Ken Chlouber is expected to run as a Republican. Without Lindstrom in the race, his seat becomes a likely pick-up for the Republicans in a year when control of the state legislature could hinge on only a handful of races. So while Lindstrom’s decision in the governor’s race is inconsequential, his exit from the state house race could possibly end up costing the Democrats control of the state legislature if other races fall the GOP’s way.