Lisl Auman, serving a life sentence for felony murder in the death of Denver police officer Bruce VanderJagt, goes back to court today. Her conviction on two counts, felony murder and second degree burglary, were reversed by the Colorado Supreme Court. The judge is expected to set new dates and appoint the Public Defender to represent her. This case screams for a plea bargain. Lisl has already served seven years in jail, for a murder that occurred when she was in police custody. Can we take a little opinion poll here? Should there be a plea bargain and if so, what would an appropriate sentence be? Perhaps Denver D.A. Mitch Morrissey will consider the results. My view: Time served is appropriate. Her likelihood of recidivism is nil; she didn’t shoot the officer; she didn’t know he was going to be killed by the crazy skinhead who was driving the car. It’s time for forgiveness, compassion and for Lisl to return to society. The money we are spending incarcerating her can be used much more wisely elsewhere. What do you think?