Lisl Auman is now free. She was released from a halfway house this week, having served six months as required by the Judge who agreed to a plea bargain after her conviction for felony murder was thrown out by the Colorado Supreme Court. Lisl was originally sentenced to life in prison without parole for the murder of Denver police officer Bruce Vanderjagt. Officer Vanderjagt was killed by Matthaus Jahenig following a police chase. Lisl was in the back of the patrol car when Jahenig, who had helped her break into her ex-boyfriend’s apartment to retrieve her belongings, shot the officer. He then killed himself. While Lisl may now live on her own in the Denver metro area, she is not free of supervison. Under the terms of her parole , she faces 9 more years of close supervision. As I opined here, it’s time for forgiveness, compassion and for Lisl to return to society. The money we would have spent on her continued incarceration can be used much more wisely elsewhere. Good luck Lisl. Parole is no walk in the park, but it sure beats life in prison.