The next time you find yourself wanting to complain about the heat, suck it up and think of Jamie Donaldson. A schoolteacher from Littleton, Donaldson won a second-consecutive Badwater Ultramarathon yesterday, more than a day after the 135-mile race started in Death Valley, California (via The Denver Post). Donaldson finished the race in 27 hours, 20 minutes, and 18 seconds, nearly 31 minutes slower than her record-setting time in 2008. points out that the race starts at the lowest physical point in the United States (260 feet below sea level) and rises more than 13,000 feet overall by the time competitors cross “the very intestines of Satan himself” through Death Valley, two mountain ranges, and then head up through the Alabama Hills, into the forest surrounding Mt. Whitney. The Post notes that Donaldson finished the race nearly two hours ahead of the next female competitor.