How do we get the young interested in politics? Local Democrats are hoping music will do the trick.

Saturday, August 28 at the City of Cuernavaca Park on 20th & Platte, Colorado Young Democrats will feature “Jam in the Park,” an all afternoon concert geared to registering young voters and then getting them to the polls. From an e-mail I received:

The Colorado Young Democrats (CYD) are working with Radio Bums and United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7 (“UFCW”) to co-host an afternoon called, “Jam in the Park.” The event is expected to attract 10,000 youth throughout the day from across the Denver Metro area. While listening to some of the latest grooves, young voters will have the opportunity to register to vote while learning about progressive candidates from around the state who are running for office in November. CYD set a goal of registering of at least 1,000 new voters that afternoon.

Colorado Young Dems say the event in unique in that not only is it using music, but it will target both English and Spanish-speaking voters in an effort to reflect their increasing importance as a demographic in state-wide politics.

Music at the event will cross genres and languages, from Hip-Hop to R&B and Reggatone, to Latin. In addition to the Radio Bum DJs, local artists including, Melissa Lujan, Dent, Shunz, Maneline, the Pirate Signal, Ichiban, Lenny Lenn, D.O., B-Nice, and Deux Process will perform music for an afternoon of fun and political consciousness.

Here are the details:

What: The Political Power of Music
Where: City of Cuernavaca Park on 20th & Platte
When: Saturday, August 26, 2006
Time: 2pm – 7pm