fifeb2The forever-classic white cotton tee has finally met its match. Body Bark, a line of long- and short-sleeved undershirts, beats out the tee, not only in softness but also in long-lasting colors. Made from Lenzing MicroModal fiber–a sustainable material derived from beech wood–Body Bark feels like silk, and its natural fibers protect colors (whites, nudes, and blacks) from fading during washing. Denverite Catherine Poirier, a former IT manager and mother of two, is the genius behind the line. Never satisfied with the tees she wore beneath scratchy sweaters, she decided to create her own–and Body Bark’s invisible necklines and shapely cuts are the most fashionable answer she could have come up with. Available at: Molly’s of Denver, 1660 Stout St., 303-825-4415 Mariel, 1428 Larimer St., 303-623-1151