Will the indictment of Lewis “Scooter” Libby play in the plains? Probably not. Most people outside of political and Washington circles have never heard of him. Since he was the only one indicted, it won’t appear to the public that a grand conspiracy was at work or that many others in the Administration were involved.

Thus, it is not surpising that Colorado’s elected officials were fairly muted in their responses.

But, compare Sen. Ken Salazar’s comments to those of Sen. Wayne Allard. Which one reminds the public that an indictment is only a charge and that we should wait to make up our minds about guilt until after the accused has had an opportunity to present a defense? It’s Allard.

Salazar, on the other hand, sounds like he’s ready to forego the trial and proceed to sentencing.

Rep. Mark Udall brought politics into his reaction.

“I believe this points out that the Administration’s rationale for war was concocted, if not out of thin air, then out of very weak evidence.”

Rep. Bob Beauprez’s response? I’d describe it as a big yawn.

“It will occupy a bit of time, and I think the important thing as the prosecution pointed out is to let the system work.”

If corruption at the highest level of government is such a snooze for the Congressman, maybe making him our state’s highest elected official isn’t in Coloradans’ best interests.