Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigned today. His resignation statement is here.

Sen. Wayne Allard issued this statement:

“By offering his resignation now, Alberto Gonzales has acted in the best interest of the nation,” said Allard. “After a contentious year at the Justice Department, the Attorney General’s resignation seems to be fitting at this time. It is my hope that we can quickly confirm a qualified candidate to lead the Justice Department and work to protect America against future acts of terrorism while upholding our values and legal obligations.”

Sen. Ken Salazar said:

“I had called for Alberto Gonzales’ resignation several months ago. With his resignation today, I am hopeful that the American people can have their confidence restored in the Department of Justice. This is an opportunity for a fresh start and I look forward to the President bringing new leadership to a Department that has become overly politicized.”

Sen. Salazar didn’t call for Gonzales’ resignation until May, long after other Democrats were demanding he step down and called for a “no confidence” vote. It must have been a bitter pill for Sen. Salazar to follow, remembering :

When Salazar took office in January 2005, one of his first official acts was to endorse Gonzales and introduce him at his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

More reactions from around the country are here. I haven’t seen a statement from Colorado’s U.S. Attorney Troy Eid yet, but will update if and when one becomes available.

Rep. Ed Perlmutter has released this statement:

“Attorney General Gonzales’ resignation is long overdue. His lack of truth and candor to Congress and the American people has eroded public confidence in our justice system. Our new attorney general must adhere to and enforce the rule of law, not the rules of politics. I urge the President to work in a bipartisan fashion to appoint someone who will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States independent of political influence.”

Rep. Diana DeGette issues this one:

“The resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez is long overdue,” said DeGette. “The political games the Bush Administration has played with our justice system have put its credibility into doubt. The Attorney General has not only lost the confidence of Congress, but has also abused the trust of the American people.

“It is crucial that President Bush use this opportunity to nominate a candidate who will restore the public’s trust in our judicial system.”