U.S. House Republicans say their constituents are so angry that if Senate Democrats don’t go along with their decision to cut $60 billion from the federal budget in coming months, the government could simply shut down on March 4. The New York Times wonders if Congress can avoid that outcome, rounding up eight points of view in its Room for Debate. “Negotiations could break down at any point if either side seeks to use this for political gain, rather than to just use this to make the cuts we can afford to make and keep the government open,” Colorado Congressman Jared Polis, a Boulder Democrat, tells 9News, which also talks with Republican Congressman Mike Coffman, who says, “The music’s just got to stop. Party’s over.”

If a shutdown does occur, not all federal projects will come to a screeching halt: The destruction of toxic mustard agent stockpiles at the Pueblo Chemical Depot, for example, will continue, reports the Chieftain. For his part, President Barack Obama has made some concessions on cuts, including $300 million from the Community Development Block Grant Program, which will cripple some nonprofit housing and family-service programs in Boulder, notes the Camera.