They say not to take your work home with you, but for Clara Klein, lead sommelier at Sunday Vinyl restaurant and wine bar, that rule doesn’t apply. At her Arvada home, Klein regularly hosts family and friends for dinner parties with the same convivial vibe found at her workplace. Her husband—Ian Palazzola, executive chef at Frasca Food & Wine in Boulder—prepares elaborate dishes, vinyl-record tunes set the mood, and of course, Klein pairs the meal with great wine. Her current favorite: La Bégou, a Corbières Blanc from Maxime Magnon’s vineyards in southern France. “This is the only white that Maxime makes, and it’s a bit of a secret of the wine world,” Klein says. “It has the kind of luscious texture that’s perfect with sweet corn, grilled shrimp, and late-season tomatoes.” As for what’s spinning on her record player during a dinner party? “Anything upbeat with energy is on the table,” Klein says. “My sister bought the Kraftwerk album Computer World for me [when she was] in Berlin, and I think that is my favorite right now.”