Najibulla Zazi, the former airport shuttle driver from Aurora and suspected al-Qaida operative, pleaded not guilty yesterday in a New York courtroom to accusations that he plotted a bomb attack in that state. While most national news organizations were on the story in New York, so were all of Denver’s top local television outlets, including 7News, which reported that Zazi was ordered to be held without bail and quoted defense attorney Michael Dowling: “You get the impression he’s a nice guy, don’t you?” CBS4 provided some drama, noting that Zazi’s hearing lasted just six minutes, and then showed viewers the construction site in New York City where the World Trade Center buildings rumbled down on September 11, 2001, as well as Wall Street, where Zazi operated a food cart. Zazi, 9News reported, “showed no emotion” as a federal judge read aloud the terrorism-related charge in court. While the flock ran to New York, Time magazine came to Colorado, issuing a short report titled, “Terror on the Prairie: Zazi’s Life in Colorado.”