Bagel lovers rejoice: Josh Pollack, the wiz behind the chewy, New York-style bagels sold at Gather, is opening Rosenberg’s Bagels & Delicatessen at 26th Avenue and Welton Street. Pollack hopes to launch the Five Points’ shop (pictured in the rendering above) in late April or early May.

Pollack has been supplying Gather with bagels and cream cheese (triple-whipped, of course) since it opened a year ago. But his plan was always to open his own place, ideally in Five Points—once home to a thriving jazz and cultural hub.

After nearly a year of hunting and unanswered phone calls, Pollack finally connected with Dr. Renee Cousins King, a pediatrician who also owns several properties in the area. In fact, her father built the building in which Rosenberg’s will open. Pollack is intent on restoring the space to its former art-deco glory (including salvaging the tile that King’s father laid by hand). “I want to pay homage to that generation when things were built by hand and everything seemed possible.”

Rosenberg’s (which is Pollack’s mother’s maiden name) will have two entrances: one on 26th and one on Welton, along with a walkup window. The 2,400 foot space will also have a glassed-in kitchen so customers can watch the bagels being made. That includes the water system, through which Pollack reformulates Denver water so it mimics the mineral content of New York City water. “I want to show people why we’re different—and that 24 hours go into that fluffy cloud of goodness,” Pollack says.

Bonus: Pollack has partnered with pastry chef Deanna Parker to create the ultimate gluten-free bagel. He says they’re really close—and he’s excited about the flavor possibilities.

Rosenberg’s Bagels & Delicatessen, 725 E. 26th Ave.

Gather, 1062 Delaware St., 303-823-4172

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Amanda M. Faison
Amanda M. Faison
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