There are few things worse than waking up and discovering that you’re out of coffee. But for customers of Logan House Coffee Company‘s delivery service, running out of beans is a thing of the past. Andre Janusz and Brooks Gagstetter made sure of it when they established Logan House in 2012, building the business around delivering freshly roasted beans to their customers. Not only does this negate pesky late-night trips to the grocery store, but it also ensures that the coffee beans making your morning cuppa are absolutely fresh.

A focus on freshness is central to Logan House’s business model. “The grocery channel supply chain is so long,” Janusz says, explaining that coffee starts to lose flavor just two weeks after it’s roasted; beans on the shelves of many grocery stores are often months old. Logan House’s coffees are roasted in small, 12-pound batches and then packaged in recycled wine bottles, keeping the beans tightly sealed and the flavors at their peak. The bottled beans are delivered to recipients’ doors (by bike, when weather allows) less than 48 hours after they come out of the roaster. “We pretty much cover the whole metro area,” Janusz says. “Generally it [our delivery radius] is inside the I-70, I-25, I-225 core but we deliver to Highland, the Tech Center, and Highlands Ranch, too.”

Signing up for the delivery service is easy: Submit a query through the website specifying how much caffeine you need so Logan can determine your family’s ideal delivery frequency. There are five regular roast options, ranging from light to dark, as well as rotating specialty blends, all priced around $15 per 750 ml bottle (each bottle holds about 10 ounces of coffee). Gagstetter will gladly accommodate one-time drops, gifts, and bulk orders, too.

Not ready to commit to the delivery service? You can also sample Logan House’s wares at its new brick-and-mortar shop, which opened on January 2 in the Stanley Marketplace. The roasting operation sits in the back of the space, which offers top-notch cappuccinos and pour-overs (served in mason jars). As an added bonus, the stylish-yet-cozy shop is equipped with a liquor license. Eight craft beers and two wines are currently on tap, and Janusz and Gagstetter are working on a menu of seven coffee cocktails that should roll out in the spring. We can’t wait to try the Insomniac, a white Russian jolted with a shot of espresso.

2501 Dallas St., Aurora, 720-515-7752