Fifty-three-year-old Janice McCarl of Longmont stood briefly in a jail courtroom yesterday, accused of sexually assaulting a man. She’s facing felony charges after allegedly drugging him on December 10, then using “her hand to penetrate him anally,” according to the Longmont Times-Call. “I’ve disrespected and degraded you,” an affidavit quoted her as telling the 50-year-old man in an apologetic note following the assault. The man had invited McCarl over for dinner–a friend with whom he was sometimes sexually intimate, even following the incident, according to the paper. Still, he told police, he didn’t allow McCarl to sleep in the house because he didn’t trust her. At the time of her arrest, McCarl told police, “In my mind, I am 100 percent innocent.” Meanwhile, a Longmont police commander tells Boulder’s Daily Camera that female-on-male rapes are very rare, and a victims’ advocate says this is only the second local instance she can recall in a decade. The Smoking Gun featured the story, posting documentation here.