Despite its name, weGrow, a 10,000-square-foot emporium dubbed the “Wal-mart of Weed,” isn’t looking to grow medicinal marijuana. Instead, the California store is stocking its shelves with hydroponics supplies and is already eying possible locations in other states, including Colorado (CBS News). One place that’s unlikely to be on the list is Loveland, where a ban on medical dispensaries enacted by voters last November took effect yesterday, leaving the businesses belly-up and the city without tens of thousands of dollars in sales tax revenues (Westword). In fact, the move may cost the city more than just revenue.

Attorney Robert Corry Jr., a well-known pro-medical marijuana lawyer, has filed a suit in Larimer District Court on behalf of three Loveland dispensaries and unnamed patients, seeking a ruling that would allow the dispensaries to continue providing patients with the drug (Reporter-Herald). The suit argues the ban defies Colorado’s constitution because it “unduly burdens” patients and caregivers from exercising their rights. “We’re not arguing that we can’t be zoned or regulated. We’re just arguing that it can’t be banned outright,” Corry says (Loveland Connection).