Larimer Square general manager Joe Vostrejs and architect Jim Hartman want to develop restaurants, a cafe, breakfast joint, and bar around the Lowry neighborhood’s giant Hangar 2–a cool piece of history that dates back to the days when the neighborhood was an Air Force base. “I want Lowry to have its version of 32nd and Lowell, or South Gaylord or South Pearl,” Vostrejs, a Lowry resident, recently told The Denver Post. A previous proposal by International Risk Group LLC sought to raze the hanger to make way for 300 condos and 6,000 feet of retail space. The Landmark Preservation Commission was keen on saving the hangar, however, and gave initial unanimous approval to the plan last week, according to 7News, which quotes a happy Jack Lenton, an Air Force retiree who spends his free time at Hangar 2, a workshop and storage room for the Wings Over the Rockies museum. Westword trumpeted the plan as one that would spare Lowry residents from “a depressing array of chain restaurants.”