Last week, over a cup of chicory coffee at Lucile’s Creole Cafe, I decided to branch out. The eatery’s divine, powdered-sugar-dusted beignets are a must, but rather than pairing them with the house-made strawberry-rhubarb jam, I opted for the crème fraîche.

Layered with strawberries and piled high in a martini glass, the silky side arrives rather ceremoniously. A quick taste reveals the cream to be slightly lemony and tangy, and spooned over a bite of hot beignet, the combination is heavenly. Of course, there’s no reason not to doctor a bite with both billowy crème fraîche and sticky-sweet jam.

Tip: For a heartier, farm-to-table breakfast, add an order of Farmer’s Eggs, which contains veggies from Lucile’s own garden in Niwot.

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