It’s easy to be let down by a sandwich. In theory, the combination seems so simple: good bread, quality meat (or fish), fresh veggies, and a zesty spread. In practice, the lunchtime choice is often dull, dry—or worse—both. And, really, who wants to pay for a boring turkey and cheese when you could have just thrown one together at home?

At Devil’s Food Bakery & Cookery in Wash Park, customers needn’t worry. Every sandwich is made thoughtfully and deliberately. Take the smoked trout variety (pictured) with its horseradish zing. Chef Brian Crow seasons and smokes Alamosa trout before layering a filet-and-a-half on house-made wheat bread with locally grown sprouts, pickled red onions, and that house-made horseradish sauce. Or, order the chicken salad croissant, which takes the often snooze-worthy classic to a new level. Crow marinates chicken in garlic, parsley, and lemon before grilling, dicing, and tossing it with Dijon mayo, roasted cashews, dried currants (a welcome surprise), and a pickled relish. Then the mixture is scooped onto perfectly flaky house-made croissants—toasted for an extra dose of comfort—and topped with lettuce, tomato, and Muenster cheese. The result is bite after flavorful bite that will bring you back for more.

Get ’em while they last: Devil’s Food is switching to a spring menu in mid-April, meaning these favorites may not be available much longer.

1020 S. Gaylord St., 303-733-7448

Daliah Singer
Daliah Singer
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