When it comes to sandwiches more choice isn’t necessarily better. Add this cheese, sub that bread, and what do you get? Often a sandwich that misses the point entirely. Not a problem at Parisi Pizzeria Deli and Trattoria in the Berkeley neighborhood. This long-standing Italian pizza and sandwich shop, with a coffee bar, gelato selection, and a mini market, tells you to leave modifications at the door—mostly because they know they got it right. It’s this type of menu confidence that makes me feel I’m taken care of.

I ordered the Giotto: turkey, spicy pecorino, tomato, and spicy mayo grill-pressed between fresh-baked focaccia, lightly seasoned, and drizzled in olive oil. (Tip: ask to buy fresh focaccia to take home). The sandwich, brought to my table hot, was simply delicious. The four ingredients were thoughtfully chosen and ensured that the flavors were not convoluted. I could savor the spicy mayo without distraction, taste the tomatoes, and enjoy the bread’s outer crisp and warm interior.

Bonus: For dessert, I finished with caramel chocolate sea salt gelato made by Spuntino.

4401 Tennyson St., 303-561-0234