Since DIA sits a good 20 miles from downtown on the Eastern Plains, just getting there to catch your flight is no small feat—never mind if you’ve got to drop Fido off at the boarder first. Paradise 4 Paws, which opened in December, eliminates at least one of those problems. Situated less than three miles from DIA, Paradise 4 Paws provides pet boarding and on-site parking ($12 per night), so you can say goodbye to Spot and hop on a free shuttle to your terminal. It’s not just about expediency, though. Paradise is also about luxury for your four-legged friends: The 25,000-square-foot facility nixes cages, offering only suites—some of which have TVs and human-size beds. A day for a canine guest might include a morning massage, a dip in the pool, peanut butter à la Kong, and, finally, a cuddle session. Boarding runs $45 to $100 a day for dogs and $25 to $35 for cats (massages, cuddles, and other amenities are extra), but, says founder Saq Nadeem, “It has made a night-and-day difference for separation anxiety.” That goes for you, too: With the cat (or dog) comfortably stashed away, you feel free to play.