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The Guide to Camping in Colorado

A comprehensive look at setting up under the stars, including the 30 best places to camp in Colorado, tips on must-have gear, and gourmet (but easy!) recipes.

5280 Traveler 2017



The Guide to Colorado’s Best Wilderness Areas

Ten of our favorite federally protected wilderness areas in the Centennial State where you can hike, camp, hunt, and fish—and just generally fall more deeply in love with Colorado.


82 of Colorado’s Best-Kept Secrets

There are still plenty of places left to be explored in the Centennial State—like these 82 overlooked gems.



How to Spend a Weekend in Missoula

Discovering Missoula’s magic formula for a weekend of summer fun.


The Bold and the Beautiful

Utah’s Westwater Canyon offers stellar scenery and sought-after solitude—but only for boaters brave enough to face its rapids.

From the Editor


Making Memories

A letter from the editor of the 2017 edition of 5280 Traveler.



How to Bike Like a Local

Eat, drink, and ride like a local on these new(ish) Colorado bike-cations.


Gear Up

The best part about planning a trip is buying new (Colorado-designed) equipment.


Soak, Explore, Repeat

Pair your winter jaunts to sultry mountain pools with explorations of the chilly landscapes beyond the resorts.


Sightsee Like a Tourist, Eat Like a Local

Every Denverite has played tour guide at one time or another. How can you go from good host to great? Take your guests to a few of the city’s most iconic spots—and then show them how to eat like a local.


Spend Your Summer in the Sun (Valley)

Escape the nightmare that is I-70 traffic by jetting to the mountain town Colorado would love to claim as its own.


Gear Closet: The Primus Onja



Colorado Tourism Office Introduces the Colorado Field Guide

Discover new places to explore in the Centennial State with the Colorado Field Guide.

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