There’s less than a week left before the 2011 Colfax Marathon. Beyond the physical training you’re doing to prepare, an important question must be answered: What are you going to wear? Throwing on those gym shorts from college with a T-shirt and hoodie isn’t going to help you one bit. Ed Reigert of Runners Roost stopped by 9News to recommend polyester with moisture-wicking properties, instead, which will help regulate body temperatures whether it’s hot or cold.

No type of apparel could have prepared Aimee Chlebnik for what happened during Fort Collins’ Colorado Marathon last week. She entered the race in the hopes of qualifying for the next Boston Marathon, and her parents even flew in to run the half marathon in a show of support. But as she neared the end of the course, she noticed a man lying on the ground, surrounded by other runners and undergoing CPR. An EMT, Chlebnik stopped to see if she could be of help when she realized the man was her father (7News). “It was the most horrifying experience I think I’ve had,” she says. Thankfully, her dad, who suffered a “major cardiac event,” will be fine. As for Chlebnik, Colorado Marathon organizers will try to convince Boston Marathon officials that she would have qualified, and plan to give her a free pass into next year’s Fort Collins race (Fort Collins Coloradoan).