A medical marijuana dispensary in Denver has dropped the common decor of a health clinic and instead opted for something a bit more original: a full-service restaurant that caters to people who’d rather eat their pot than smoke it. The Ganja Gourmet, promising a tie-dye retro feel at 1810 S. Broadway, will offer lasagna, pizza, jambalaya, paella, chocolate mousse, cheesecake, and several other dishes. The reviews are still pending, but marijuana chef Evan “Budman” promises a high different than smoking. “It’s a more alert, more awake buzz,” he tells CBS4. Entrepreneur Steve Horowitz claims the restaurant is just doing smart business: “We have to set ourselves apart as a business in order to survive.” The Denver Post’s Penny Parker reports that the restaurant will also have a “Bud Bar,” where marijuana is sold to licensed consumers. {C} As for beef, what apparently used to be for dinner, Colorado Premium Foods of Greeley has been fined $700 for providing steaks to Ruby Tuesday restaurants that were allegedly smaller than the advertised size (via The Associated Press). Meanwhile, Westword discovers that the bud on the cover of this month’s High Times magazine is home grown.