Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is taking the high road, following his outburst during the Mavs’ loss in Denver last week. He had words with J.R. Smith at halftime, after Smith threw an elbow at a Mavs player.

Though the National Basketball League found nothing wrong with Smith’s conduct, Cuban was fined $25,000 “because owners aren’t supposed to get mad. Ever,” Cuban writes in an entry on his personal blog, addressed to Smith, as the weekend arrived.

Signed “bff” (best friends forever), Cuban adds that he’ll donate $25,000 to the charity of Smith’s choice “in the spirit of the joy of my getting fined” and Smith getting off the hook.

As the weekend progressed, Cuban still hadn’t heard from Nuggets public relations regarding his proposal. In a follow-up post, Cuban says he can always give the money to an association that funds grassroots hockey programs.