{ Black Mountain Dude Ranch }

Located in the often-overlooked Elkhead Mountains, the ranch’s brand honors the range’s lofty peaks. The large inverted V between the B and the R represents Black Mountain, the highest point on the property. blackmtnranch.com

{ Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch }

Maurice and Tillie Jessup bought this Loveland ranch in 1946 and created the brand themselves. Its simple design features a J for their family name, accompanied by a heart to represent the pair’s realized dream of owning a ranch. sylvandale.com

{ 4UR Ranch }

Creede’s 4UR was originally a resort called Wagon Wheel Gap Hot Springs Hotel. Its name was changed in 1945, and the owners made the brand by turning the two W’s in Wagon Wheel into four U’s (4U) and adding an R for ranch. 4urranch.com

{ Laramie River Dude Ranch }

Formerly the UT Bar, the ranch’s name was changed when new owners took over. The ranch came up with three concepts using the abbreviation LRR. The Colorado Department of Agriculture Brand Board rejected all of them and assigned their current symbol to avoid confusion with other nearby ranches. lrranch.com