Marshall “Tweaks” Out

It was initially unclear if Denver Broncos star wide receive Brandon Marshall was going to show up at all for training camp, which started Friday. As we know, newbie coach Josh McDaniels isn’t really the kind of  guy who coddles stars, and Marshall can be stubborn. But Marshall gave in and suited up for workouts and drills, grumbling a bit to reporters that he’d have to pay fines otherwise. Then, in a roll-your-eyes-if-you-feel-so-inclined moment, Marshall missed the last half-hour of practice yesterday after “tweaking,” to use the language of The Associated Press, his left hamstring. Keep in mind that after appearing in the Pro Bowl, and watching Mike Shanahan get his walking papers and Jay Cutler find reported happiness with the Chicago Bears, Marshall wants to be traded. Nonetheless, until his injury yesterday, he looked good in practice (via The Denver Post). But after Marshall limped to the trainer’s room, McDaniels was left wondering about the severity of Marshall’s injury. Stay tuned for more drama.