Mary Robbins’ head is destined to be preserved alongside that of baseball legend Ted Williams.

The dead Colorado Springs woman’s remains can be frozen by Alcor Life Extension Foundation, an Arizona nonprofit, El Paso County Probate Court Magistrate Barbara L. Hughes has determined, despite the protests of Robbins’ daughter, writes the Gazette.

Robbins, who died of cancer on February 9, granted Alcor custody to her body in her will so that her head could be cryogenically frozen, signing an agreement in 2006 that set up a $50,000 annuity to cover the costs of her preservation in the hopes she will one day be re-animated.

Her daughter, Darlene Robbins of Pueblo, says her mother changed her mind just before she died, signing new paperwork giving the family her body and annuity. But Hughes ruled the document that Mary Robbins signed just before her death didn’t change her previous decision to have Alcor freeze her remains.

Darlene Robbins was given 72 hours to appeal the ruling. Alcor says it will proceed with the freezing regardless of whether the $50,000 is received.