Here’s a dream job for the drink slingers of Denver: Smirnoff is searching for the perfect person for their new position. The qualifications? They are looking for an “enthusiastic drinks guru to fill a new position, the Smirnoff Cocktail Consultant, the definitive expert on all things vodka drinks-related.”

Sounds fun, and the pay isn’t all bad, either. The winning applicant gets $100,000 annually for his or her labors; although only half is salary, and the other half is designated for travel and expenses. (That covers a helluva hotel bar tab for the year, I’m guessing.) Apparently my buddies in NYC have yet to hear from the Mile High mixologists; they’re looking for applicants from across the U.S. but specifically requested that I spread the word here in Denver.

The details:

Position: Smirnoff Cocktail Consultant

Qualifications: Knowledge of mixology and the culinary arts and a general passion for entertaining and all things epicurean. Applicants must be 25 years or older.
Duties: Travel to major cities to identify new trends in cocktail making and consumption, in addition to the creation of two Smirnoff Cocktail Trend Reports.
Call 1-888-217-4454 for more information, or to obtain an application. Applications accepted through April 1, 2006.

C’mon. Tell me that doesn’t sound like a cool gig. And if you’re worried about leaving our fabulous city? Well, then naturally, you’d simply have to make Denver a must-see stop on any proper national cocktail tour.