Welcome to David Fine, Denver’s new City Attorney, who replaces the late Larry Manzanares.

In his acceptance statement, Mr. Fine said:

Together, we will continue to ensure the highest possible quality of legal counsel and representation for our partners in the City.”

If you’re wondering who exactly the City Attorney represents, check out their website. From the mission page:

The mission of the Denver City Attorney’s Office is to provide the highest quality legal counsel and representation to City agencies, the Mayor, City Council, and the City Auditor. This mission is accomplished by providing prompt, courteous, and professional service. The City Attorney’s Office is committed to ensuring a work environment that stimulates every person to achieve the highest professional and personal development. Every employee is a steward of the public trust.

In other words, the City Attorney isn’t our lawyer, he’s the City’s lawyer.

Is the Denver City Attorney’s Office “my” lawyer if I live in the City and County of Denver? Will you answer simple legal questions for me and/or tell me what the law is as related to my specific problem?

No. We represent the government agencies and officials of the City and County of Denver and are not able to provide legal advice to private citizens.

The City Attorney is also a prosecutor.

The City Attorney’s Office, through the Prosecution and Code Enforcement Section, prosecutes most other traffic violations, and all violations of Denver’s City law (ordinances). The City ordinance violations we prosecute cover a variety of subjects, including domestic violence and nuisances.

I don’t know Mr. Fine, but his credentials are impressive. I especially like these:

  • Former Staff attorney for at the Legal Aid Society of Metropolitan Denver.
  • Past Member of board of directors of Habitat for Humanity Colorado

It sounds like he will bring some humanity to the job. Let’s hope so.