The New York Times today reports on the election for Mayor in Dacano, Colorado, a town that is north of Denver. The candidates are only one vote apart.

Here’s something I never knew: Colorado law provides that when the difference between candidates comes down to two or less votes, the winner is determined by “lot” — meaning a coin toss or drawing of straws.

While they may disagree over who is better qualified to fill the post, the incumbent, Wade Carlson, and the man who hopes to oust him, Larry Johnston, see eye to eye on one thing: the outcome is too important to leave to a game of chance like drawing straws or rolling the dice. That is the prescribed method under state and city law for determining the winner of a race in which neither candidate has more than a two-vote lead after a recount.

“It’s a dumb, antiquated method of luck of the draw, and it is absolutely ridiculous in this day and age,” said Mr. Carlson, a retired businessman in his 70s who is serving his second term.

How silly. But, Mr. Carlson’s suggestion is even sillier. He wants to don a pair of boxing gloves and duke it out in the street.