CNN’s John King reported Monday that the McCain campaign had decided to give up on Colorado to focus on Pennsylvania and other big states.

Monday night, the McCain camp denied it. On 7News at 10 p.m., the campaign’s regional spokesman said McCain will continue to fight for our nine electoral votes. The station confirmed that McCain will keep a scheduled appearance here Friday. Also, Alaska “First Dude” Todd Palin will campaign for his wife and McCain in Glenwood Springs and Denver today.

Checking McCain’s campaign schedule at his website last night, no events were listed until after Wednesday, when he’ll be in Ohio with Sarah Palin. Palin will stay in Ohio on Thursday, but no details are given for McCain.

The Obama campaign, on the other hand, is going full steam ahead in Colorado. Vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden will be campaigning here today and Wednesday. Saturday, The Denver Post reports, there will be nine rallies in seven Colorado cities to get out the Latino vote.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and California Democratic congressman Xavier Becerra will be among Obama surrogates at rallies Saturday in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and Pueblo. The effort is part of an initiative called “Viva el Voto!” Federico Pena, the Obama campaign’s national co-chairman, says the Hispanic vote will lead Obama to victory. He cited a study by the Willie C. Velasquez Institute, a nonpartisan think tank, that shows Obama and McCain in a statistical tie in Colorado if Hispanic voters are factored out.