For a few bleak months, Scott McInnis’ campaign for governor appeared to be in trouble. Josh Penry was running a youthful campaign meant to take the Colorado Republican Party to the next generation. In recent weeks, former Congressman and presidential candidate Tom Tancredo came along. But, like Penry, Tancredo will step aside. Moreover, Tancredo will join Penry today in an endorsement of McInnis meant to highlight a unified conservative platform for the 2010 race, according to The Denver Post.

Democratic Governor Bill Ritter held a press conference on Sunday night, saying the GOP’s conservative agenda was “just (being) against things.” He also portrayed McInnis’ support of it as buckling to party pressure. Over the weekend, Penry joined McInnis in their hometown of Grand Junction, where McInnis praised Penry: “He is a good friend, and I look forward to working closely with him and our House and Senate Republicans, to bring GOP majorities back to our Legislature” (via the McInnis campaign).

Penry noted that while he could have remained competitive in the race, the cost of two Republicans could have drawn money away from other Republicans seeking office next year at a time when the party seeks to regain seats in the state Legislature and Congress, writes the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.