I’m one of the very few people I know who doesn’t love meatloaf. Regardless of how it’s prepared, the staple has always seemed too dry, the flavors too indistinct. But last week, following the advice of a friend, I tried the meatloaf at the Ale House at Amato’s and was won over.

The dish—three thick slices served atop creamy mashed potatoes—is made from a combination of ground buffalo and Italian sausage. This blend imbues the meat with a juicy, perfect-for-a-cold-night flavor, which is further enhanced by an earthy mushroom ragout. Like all the entrées listed under Ale House Handcrafted Fare, the item also incorporates beer. (Amato’s is a proud champion of craft brews, and offers 42 different selections on tap.) The thick gravy is made from an oatmeal stout, which lends a subtle roasted note.

Also worth a try: The succulent ale-brined roasted chicken topped with a slightly sweet agave wheat cream sauce.

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