Activists gathered at the state Capitol to denounce proposed regulations on the booming medical marijuana industry. The subject of the ire: House Bill 1284, which would require dispensaries to be licensed with both state and local governments and make them responsible for growing most of the pot they sell. “Do not be fooled,” attorney Rob Corry told activists before the hearing (via The Denver Post). “Some elements of the government are trying to take away your constitutional rights.” Importantly, the bill would give local governments the authority to ban dispensaries in their communities. But some members of law enforcement think the bill doesn’t go far enough. Adams County District Attorney Don Quick argues that dispensaries were not intended to be covered by Amendment 20, which made medical marijuana legal in 2000. “The voters back in 2000 said you can either grow it yourself or have a primary care giver grow it for you, and that caregiver has substantial responsibility for this patient,” he says (via 9News). Lawmakers ultimately decided to delay a committee vote on the bill until next week. In the meantime, read 5280 senior editor Luc Hatlestad’s intimate profile of the issue’s most high-profile attorneys, Rob Corry and his wife, Jessica Peck Corry.