KindBudMedical marijuana dispensaries are becoming chichi—up to six may open their doors in ritzy Cherry Creek North (via Fox 31). Aaron Lepedis, owner of Fascination Street Fine Art, will rent the property adjacent to his gallery to one of the new dispensaries. The space has been vacant for a year with no interest from renters, but plenty of interest from the mortgage lender for a monthly payment. Some in the shopping district aren’t too happy with the prospect. “It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. For this neighborhood, I just can’t see it,” says one neighbor, who declined to give his name. The industry continues to bloom: More than 14,000 people statewide are approved to use the drug, a 70 percent jump from last year. And dispensaries are spending big bucks on advertisements, providing a glimmer of light for print advertising at papers such as The Denver Post and Westword, according to KUNC radio.


But the news biz and landlords alike shouldn’t rely too heavily on the dispensaries. State Senator Chris Romer, a Denver Democrat, is pushing his plan to regulate medical marijuana so strictly that about half of the dispensaries in Colorado could go out of business, reports the Post. Meanwhile, from Fort Collins comes a reminder that some folks without a prescription may be willing to resort to violence to obtain it. Five people were tied up and robbed of their money and medical marijuana at gun point, writes the Coloradoan, in a crime that is currently under police investigation.