The economy is so scary that simply reading bad news about it is leading some people to seek counseling or medication for the first time in their lives, writes The New York Times. So pop a Prozac for this bit: The Colorado Workforce Center in Glenwood Springs is trying to hold a job fair and there are few, if any, employers signed on to attend, according to 9News.

The economy has become so bad that the Fox television network has almost predictably launched a reality show called “Someone’s Gotta Go,” in which colleagues decide which co-worker will be laid off, reports The Associated Press.

As for the recession, Colorado may start to recover by the end of this year but won’t see a significant number of jobs appear until 2010, writes the Denver Business Journal. Until then, don’t despair. Live a little. Go to a restaurant and support a statewide campaign called “Fork the Recession” (via 9News).