“We have our children selling M&M’s and Coke. What are we teaching them?” asks Ann Cooper, the new food cop for the Boulder Valley School District. Cooper, the interim director of the district’s nutrition program and a nationally renowned healthy foods warrior, is bringing her battle against foods laced with sugar and high fructose corn syrup to Boulder. She wants soda removed from vending machines and more greens and grains on the school menu, 9News reports.

Last night, members of the district’s board mostly agreed with Cooper’s ideas to create a “wellness policy” designed to get kids eating healthier for the rest of their lives, writes Boulder’s Daily Camera. Some board members aren’t too keen on removing cookies from bake sales but were more interested in crafting exceptions to Cooper’s proposed rules than negating her efforts. She’ll come back to them in a couple of months with a revised proposal. Her effort is needed. Nearly one-third of Colorado’s children fit the federal government’s definition of overweight or obese, according to 5280.