Installing new lighting at home is one of those sneaky, seemingly simple tasks that can quickly become much more expensive and time-consuming than anticipated. That’s the exact home-renovation woe that Denver couple Rose Fierman and Caroline Matthes are on a mission to solve with Poplight, a rechargeable wall sconce that doesn’t require hard-wiring, power tools, or hiring an electrician. Now available for preorder for $95 per light (orders are estimated to ship this December), Poplight comes in a variety of colors and is designed to take the hassle out of sprucing up a space. We caught up with Fierman and Matthes to chat about the, ahem, lightbulb moment that led to their new business and what’s next for Poplight.

Poplight creators Caroline Matthes and Rose Fierman.

5280 Home: Let’s start at the beginning. How did you come up with the idea for Poplight?
Rose Fierman: Caroline and I had just moved into our first place together in the Santa Fe Arts District. The houses in that neighborhood are very, very old.
Caroline Matthes: Our house was built in 1879—the wiring was insulated with horse hair!
RF: We wanted to install wall lights in our bedroom and given the age of the house and the cost of wiring the lights, we realized that installing traditional wall sconces was not going to work for us.
CM: Rose and I tried to find an alternative that wouldn’t require hard-wiring, and we couldn’t find anything that fit our budget, aesthetic, or lighting needs. We were honestly shocked that something like Poplight didn’t exist.

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Tell us about the process of bringing that idea to fruition.
RF: We’ve had to learn and grow at every step. One of the biggest challenges we ran into was that it is really, really, expensive to get started. So this past March we ran a Kickstarter campaign and raised over $160,000 in preorders for Poplight. This will help us with manufacturing. Plus it was a ton of fun to do, and there’s now this awesome community behind Poplight!
CM: Neither Rose nor I come from a design or manufacturing background, so there’s been a learning curve at each step in this process. We’ve both naturally found our strengths, and I have really enjoyed the design aspect. Creating a product from scratch really encouraged me to look at everything in my environment with a different lens.

How does Poplight work, and where you can install it?
RF: We designed Poplight to be as simple and easy to install as possible.
CM: You don’t need any tools or special supplies.
RF: The base sticks to most wall surfaces and has a built-in level, so you can be sure your Poplight is perfectly aligned. Then you just swivel and click your Poplight onto the base. That’s it! It all takes less than a minute.
CM: Poplight is also as easy to remove as it is to install, and it won’t damage your wall. It’s ideal for bedrooms, home offices, hallways, and kids’ rooms. It works as an accent light, task light, and as ambience.

What’s next for your business?
CM: Our first line of Poplights are these gorgeous, colorful elbow designs. We’re constantly looking for inspiration and have multiple more designs in the pipeline. Our next two production runs will include different styles and finishes—the people want brushed gold.
RF: People can stay connected at, on Instagram @thepoplight, or on TikTok @poplightdenver.

Michelle Johnson
Michelle Johnson
Michelle Johnson is the editor of 5280 Home, 5280’s bimonthly shelter magazine that showcases the most stylish spaces in Denver.