Kevin J. Anderson will not sit still. Where some writers take years between novels, the Monument-based author releases an average of three books in a year. The science fiction writer is best known for writing or co-writing numerous volumes of the popular Star Wars novels and for co-authoring the prequels to Frank Herbert’s legendary Dune. This year may bring his biggest yield yet, though. On June 3, his latest original creation hits shelves: The Dark Between the Stars imagines a future, star-spanning civilization where warring factions of humans must unite with an alien race in order to face a grave threat to the universe. The release marks the beginning of his latest space-opera series, The Saga of Shadows Trilogy, the sequel to Anderson’s seven-book epic The Saga of Seven Suns.

But that’s not all. New editions of two of Anderson’s most noteworthy novels will be released on May 13: The paperback version of Clockwork Angels, a sci-fi rock opera Anderson co-wrote with Rush drummer/lyricist Neil Peart (based on the rock group’s 2012 album of the same name); and a 25th-anniversary reprint of his debut novel Resurrection, Inc., a futuristic horror tale. As with all of his work, these books showcase Anderson’s knack for crisp prose, magnetic plots, and balancing intimate characterization with galaxy-size ideas. Not to mention, of course, his restlessness.

In Person: Meet Kevin J. Anderson during Denver Comic Con (June 13 and 14) at the Denver Convention Center, or at another stop on his summerlong, nationwide convention tour.