Monday is Memorial Day, and the 29th Bolder Boulder 10k race. I’ve only done it once (walking, not running) and found it incredibly difficult. My hat is off to those of you who can run it. This year, a mother and daughter, the sister and niece of a fallen Iraq soldier will be running.

Steven Kowalzyk was killed in Iraq in March. His family has a whole different perspective on the Memorial Day now and his sister, Carolyn Lunn, and her daughter, Katherine, plan to honor him by running for him in the Bolder Boulder. “I will look at this race in a different way now,” Carolyn said. “People run it for different reasons, but I’m running it for my brother.”….By honoring and remembering Steven, they figure they’ll be honoring all service men and women who sacrifice for this nation.

There will be skydivers dropping into the event at just the right moment.

One member carries a large American flag while the other team members soar into the stadium with the service flags of the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard. “It’s exciting to look down and see 60,000 people out there,” skydiver Jay Epstein said. “To know that your part of a big national celebration, it’s neat.”

Sounds like a great way to celebrate Memorial Day and honor our Veterans.