From shaving gels to deodorants, new skincare lines devoted to men’s particular needs just keep on coming. And more of these brands are developed exclusively for men, as opposed to reformulations of products originally designed for women (men’s skin is thicker and oilier). So guys, if you’re still looking for the right skincare potions to suit your mug, here are some practical essentials for a well-stocked medicine cabinet:

Yes, NUXE is famous for women’s skincare, but since the brand has its own R&D laboratory, it’s been able to test its new line of products—NUXE MEN—on actual guys. The brand launched earlier this summer, and the Multi-Purpose Eye Cream (pictured right) has been one of the top-performing products. It combats dark circles and puffiness with botanical caffeine while hyaluronic acid, araucaria extract, and vitamin E moisturize and prevent aging.

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Organic Male has a devoted following for both its high performance products—all of which include antioxidants to address aging concerns—and its four-step program, color-coded by skin type, which takes the guesswork out of buying products. One of my picks is the Healing Herbal Antifungal Foot Treatment (pictured above), perfect for Denver’s active males: The treatment not only softens heels, but also prevents athlete’s foot with natural ingredients like lavender, black walnut, and goldenseal.

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Calling all gadget geeks: This is more tool than product, but if you feel like you go through hundreds of razor blades a year, try the RazorPit Teneo Razor Sharpener (pictured left). With its sleek look plus razor and cartridge storage, the RazorPit functions like a modern strop by cleaning and sharpening up to five blades. RazorPit’s patented technology removes debris off the edge of the blade for a clean, sharp edge and a close, comfortable shave. Plus, according to the company, it extends the life of each blade for up to 150 shaves. (Ladies, you can use this one, too!)

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