In 1988, Democrat Michael Dukakis unsuccessfully ran for President against Ronald Regan. In the Rocky Mountain News today, Dukakis talks about his failed bid. Dukakis is a frequent visitor to Denver. His daughter, Andrea Dukakis, lives here, with her husband and children. She is a producer for Colorado Public Radio. The show she produces, Colorado Matters, airs daily and you can listen online. Dukakis and his wife Kitty are looking forward to attending this year’s convention in Denver. The Rocky reports,

The couple seem as giddy about this year’s convention as they were for 1988. And they’re planning a unique arrival that’s a throwback to 1908, the last time the party’s fete was held in the Mile High City. Dukakis, a railroad buff and former Amtrak board member, and his wife are joining two of their grandkids in San Francisco and riding the California Zephyr train back over the Rockies to the convention city.