Via the Denver Post:

Michelle Obama will appear at a $1,000 per-person fundraiser and cocktail reception at the Grand Hyatt in Denver next Wednesday, July 16. Several hundred people are expected. The online RSVP cites a VIP event with tickets at $10,000 per person.

The VIP event costing $10,000 is scheduled to last 15 minutes, beginning at 5:00 pm and ending at 5:15. Pretty pricey, no? The event benefits the Obama Victory Fund. Obama is holding three of these events in Chicago this Friday. He’s asking “hosts” of the event to raise $50,000 each. For $10,000, attendees will get a photo op with the candidate. What’s the Obama Victory Fund? It’s a joint fundraising campaign with the DNC:

The Obama Victory Fund will allow the party and the Illinois senator to hold events and raise funds together. Under their agreement, the Obama campaign will pocket every individual contribution up to $4,600, which is the maximum a candidate can receive from individuals. The DNC will get any amount above that figure, up to $28,500.

In other words, it’s a way for those who have maxed out their $4,600 contributions to Obama to donate up to $33,100. Obama also will be holding three of these events in New York this week, including a private dinner for 100 donors. The cost of attending the dinner is, you guessed it, $33,100.