If you’ve ever re-watched your favorite 80s flick, only to discover that the plot holes are enormous, the characters make lunatic decisions, and the sound effects aren’t quite on point, then Mile High Sci-Fi is the comedy group for you.

Since the troupe was founded 10 years ago, these local comedians have been putting their own spin on classic films from the 80s and 90s. During their shows, they tell jokes, do some improv, and provide goofy sound effects while the film plays in the background. Yes, you heard that right—they talk during the movie.

“We love movies. So we decided to make fun of movies because a big group of people feels the way we do,” says co-creator Harrison Rains, who has missed only four shows since 2005.

When the shows started, he and co-creator Matt Vogl were looking for a way to make people laugh without having to go on tour or host run-of-the-mill open-mic nights. From their combined love of comedy and movies, Mile High Sci-Fi was born. And since many others share their hobbies, the formula has been successful.

“There’s a feeling of nostalgia to each of our shows. The audience saw these films in theaters and they don’t remember how cheesy they actually were,” says Rains.

Since the beginning, Mile High Sci-Fi has paid homage to (and thrown shade at) a variety of genres—from science fiction to horror to fantasy. In addition to their regular monthly shows at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Littleton, they’ve also performed at Red Rocks and Denver Comic Con, where Rains used their Flash Gordon show as an excuse to break out his own Flash outfit.

Of course, the comedians aren’t the only ones in costume. Dressing up is encouraged at Mile High Sci-Fi shows, and attendees can win prizes for their creativity. At the upcoming 10th anniversary show, which spotlights the 1982 horror gem Poltergeist, there will be prizes galore, including Alamo Drafthouse tickets, T-shirts, and cash. “We’re cleaning out our prize closet for this one,” says Rains.

If a free T-shirt and sound effects aren’t enough for you, there’s one more reason to check out the 10th anniversary show—beer. Oskar Blues is one of Mile High Sci-Fi’s sponsors, so Dale’s Pale Ale is plentiful at their shows, and drinking it is highly encouraged.

Between the warm feelings of nostalgia, tasty refreshments, excuse to wear spandex, and good old-fashioned noises, it’s easy to see why Mile High Sci-Fi has been around for a decade.

“I’ll do it until it’s not fun. And it’s been fun for this long,” says Rains.

See them in action: The anniversary party takes place Friday, October 23, 7:30 to 10 p.m.; Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, 7301 S. Santa Fe Dr., Suite 850, Littleton; $12.50