If you want to mix up your workout routine, here’s your chance: This Wednesday, head to ViewHouse Ballpark for a free combination trampoline and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout in the bar’s outdoor space at 5:30 p.m. The event is the first in a series of free Wednesday workout classes put on by MINDBODY, a company that provides scheduling services to local health and wellness companies through its software and allows consumers to cherry-pick classes through the MINDBODY app.

Compass Fitness, the Overland studio that is teaching the inaugural class on April 17, has been using MINDBODY’s platform since it opened last June. The trampoline-HIIT combination is one of the gym’s typical class offerings, called Bounce + Bells, which combines trampoline-based cardio with on-the-floor kettlebell and dumbbell strength training.

Trampolines will be set up across ViewHouse’s lawn, and depending on turnout, participants may be asked to share their trampoline and work out partner-style. Those on the ground will do strength movements while their partner works the trampoline for six- to eight-minute intervals over the hour-long class. Then, they’ll switch. Everyone will be coached through headphones provided by Sound Off Colorado, so noise from the bar or passersby won’t disrupt the intensity.

“It really dials you into the movement experience,” said Jillian Keaveny, co-founder and lead instructor of Compass Fitness.

Free fitness events are nothing new to ViewHouse. In the past, they’ve hosted spin and yoga classes. “We’re always looking to do … free events, just to be able to engage the community and provide a space where people can come and enjoy themselves,” said Julia Coats, ViewHouse’s marketing manager.

After the class, every participant will receive their choice of a free beer or Truly Hard Seltzer.

Other upcoming Wellness Wednesdays include barre by Barre 3 and boxing with Rebel Boxing. Participants must reserve their spot through MINDBODY’s app.