Leave your design inhibitions at the door when you step into MK Style. “Our philosophy is, ‘More is more,’?” says Denver interior designer Katie Wolfe Agron about her new home-goods shop, which opened on Old South Pearl Street in June. Agron teamed up with her style-savvy best friend, Molly Simons, to create a space that brings much-needed whimsy to Denver’s sometimes-predictable home decor scene. Think Palm Springs meets Nantucket meets LoDo: Agron and Simons’ preppy-chic aesthetic draws from time-honored design traditions and the latest crave-worthy trends, and makes ample use of bright pink and kelly green. We caught up with the design duo this past spring, not long before they opened their doors.

5280: Wolfe Design House (Agron’s interior design firm) keeps you plenty busy. Why a store?

Katie Wolfe Agron: The short answer? My garage is full. I shop for my clients all over the country. I’ll pick up an antique in West Palm Beach and find five other unique pieces that might work for other clients, so I store them at my house. Now we have a place to showcase our finds.

5280: How does MK Style stand out in Denver’s retail landscape?

Katie Wolfe Agron: It’s in the mix we create. No one wants her home to look like a page from a catalogue, but creating that mix can be tricky. We have things from $30 to $5,000, and every piece is here because we love it.

5280: What’s your style philosophy?

Molly Simons: Take the classics and make them modern. Enjoy trends, but incorporate those pieces with something timeless.

Katie Wolfe Agron: Buy what you love, and invest in good craftsmanship. If you love it and it’s built well, you’ll love it forever.


MK Style, 1882 South Pearl St., 303-722-1178, shopmkstyle.com

Check out Katie and Molly’s design blog, Inspired Design: inspirationalhome.blogspot.com