Imogene Jackson’s family members were shocked Friday to attend an open-casket viewing at Denver’s Pipkin Mortuary only to discover the woman in the casket was not their mother, reports 9News. The viewing was called off, and 9News subsequently learned the body used during Jackson’s funeral was actually that of Evelyn Lucille Jackson, whose family thought she had been buried earlier in the month. Evelyn Jackson’s son, Jerry Twiggs, says Pipkin notified his family over the weekend that the woman his family gathered to bury on January 21 was actually Imogene Jackson. “It’s devastating for me and my sister, Johnnetta, that this travesty has happened. We hope this doesn’t happen to another family,” he says, adding that his mother, Evelyn Jackson, will be buried this morning. Meanwhile, members of Imogene Jackson’s family tell 7News they may take Pipkin Mortuary to court. It wouldn’t be the first time owner Mark Pipkin has faced legal problems. He filed for bankruptcy last October, unable to pay a long list of creditors, from florists to law firms. And Pipkin was recently arrested for careless driving while his license was suspended. In the wake of the stories, another family, the Londons, are going public, notes Fox31. Ed London says his son, Sincere, was buried in a pink casket instead of a boy’s model, and the mortuary had to dig up the boy’s body to put him in a blue casket.