Brett Reese apparently thinks we’re still living in the rebellious West of the 1800s. Earlier this week, the Greeley school board member and owner of Pirate Radio said he would begin carrying a concealed handgun to board meetings after allegedly receiving threats for calling civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. a “sexual degenerate” and “communist” in Pirate broadcasts. His decision to arm himself at the meetings led members of the District 6 Board of Education to hold an emergency work session to find ways to prevent Reese from doing so, notes the Greeley Gazette (which claims on its website to be a “proud sponsor” of Reese’s radio station). But the board doesn’t have to worry about Reese packing his .45—at least not for now.

A Weld County sheriff’s deputy visited Reese while he was on the air at FM-104.7 KELS The Pirate to temporarily suspend his concealed weapons permit after Reese allegedly threatened Justin Sasso, a rival station manager at AM-1310 KFKA, for competing for commercial sponsors. Sasso filed for a restraining order after receiving a voicemail from Reese: “I’ll give you by the end of the day to pull all of your sales people off of my sponsors, or we’re going to have a shootout” (via The Greeley Tribune). Reese claims Sasso is simply looking to bring publicity to KFKA. Steve Reams, a deputy chief at the sheriff’s office, says Reese can continue to carry his gun, but cannot conceal it legally because of the temporary restraining order, which will be discussed in court on January 21 and may become permanent.